The Unitron filter change at Keynsham Hearing Centre, Bristol/Bath video demonstrates how easy it is to change the filter on this hearing aid. The Unitron is a receiver in the canal device. This is very discrete instrument suitable for a mild to moderate hearing loss. A speaker (Receiver) on the end of a wire directs sound into the ear without blocking the canal, this makes it very comfortable.

RIC or Receiver in Canal hearing aid from Unitron

One of the most often issues people have is a little bit of wax blocking the dome or the filter inside a RIC product. This is a typical shaped RIC or Receiver in Canal hearing aid from Unitron. On this ‘How to’ video from Steven Neal at the Keynsham Hearing Centre, he will demonstrate just how to go about changing the filter on the Unitron Hearing instrument.

Removing the Unitron dome

Steve is going to remove the dome and replace the filter, and the best way to do that is to hold the speaker as best you can between finger and thumb, if you can use finger and thumb on the dome just twist and pull, but have it pulled over like that. That exposes the filter, in this case the filter is in quite good condition, but often its full of Wax and debris.

Replacing the Unitron filter

Open up the packet of filters to expose the sticks and work over a table, with a towel on it, so that your equipment doesn’t slide off onto the floor. What you have got then is the jagged end that goes into the speaker, tease that out, turn it over, put the new filter in, it should feel a snug fit.

Replacing the Unitron dome

Picking up the dome, fold the dome over as this makes it makes it easier to slip over the device. Then all you do is line up the dome and wriggle it up to the shoulder and no further. And that is a typical filter replacement on a RIC Unitron hearing aid.

  • Hearing aid Filter replacement at the Keynsham Hearing Centre
  • At the Keynsham Hearing Centre we know all about how hearing aids can lose their clarity over time. Well all is not lost as it’s more than likely an easy fix to bring your expensive hearing aid back to it’s normal clear self.

    If you live in Bath, Radstock, Bristol or any where close to Keynsham we can change your filter on any number of hearing aid brands, including GN Resound LiNX, LiNX2, Unitron hearing aids, Starkey and Widex to name but a few.

    If however you cannot make it here to our premises at Temple street Keynsham, we have produced a few clear and concise ‘How To’ videos to show you in the clearest detail how to change your hearing aid filter.

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