The Hearing Test at Keynsham Hearing Centre Bristol/Bath video explains about the hearing test procedure that we conduct at Keynsham Hearing Centre. The whole procedure will only take half an hour, after which we will be able to determine if you have hearing loss and recommend the appropriate course of action to take.

In ear hearing aid model

Sound level meter

Head phones for hearing test

Video Otoscopy

Hello my name is Steven Neal, Keynsham Hearing Centre. It’s been suggested that we make a small film to educate people to a screen test. An opportunity to phone up a hearing centre and find out if you actually have a hearing loss. So this way, by booking in we can have half an hour of your time.

We take information, what we call case history. We are then able to do a four frequency test and that will then show us on screen your sort of levels of hearing and that way we can talk about various hearing instruments, as we refer to them. An awful lot of people refer to them as hearing aids, the industry tends to call them hearing instruments.

But we will also need to go through a visual inspection of your ears called otoscopy, again that can be done manually. We can also do video otoscopy here, whereby we can show you on screen what’s happening in your ears.

Then having done the screening tests we can then talk through what you want to do from there. Whether you want a full test or whether you feel your levels are ok.

  • Hearing screening tests at the Keynsham Hearing Centre
  • At the Keynsham Hearing Centre we know all about hearing difficulties. After making a booking at Keynsham Hearing Centre, within half an hour of attending your appointment you can find out if you actually have a hearing loss.

    If you live in Bath, Radstock, Bristol or any where close to Keynsham we can arrange a hearing screening test for you.

  • Keynsham Hearing Centre services the following local towns and villages
  • Keynsham, Bristol, Bath, Frome, Cardiff, Somerset, Radstock, Paulton, Shepton Mallet, Pensford, Clutton, Banwell, Weston-Super-Mare, Winford, Chew Stoke, West Harptree, Bishops Sutton, Chew Magna, Priddy, Cheddar, Axbridge, Wrington, Cleeve, Yatton, Timsbury, Midsomer Norton, High Littleton, Farmborough, Peasedown St John, Longwell Green, Corston, Combe Down, Warmley, Ston Easton