Ear syringing.. How it works

Ear syringing is a very old term in audiology, but it is one of those terms that seem to stick.  We have a short video below to show you what it was once and what is now the gold standard. Microsuction is available at the Keynsham hearing centre performed by Mr Stephen Neal.

We also have ear irrigation using warm water if your ear wax is impacted and needs gentle water irrigation. This is more a modern take on the ear syringing and a lot more comfortable and safe.

Bellow are two videos showing how ear wax is removed using Microsuction.

Microsuction is like a small hoover that gently removes the ear wax without pain. It is very gentle

To find out more how Microsuction works watch our video bellow.

Microsuction is a very safe, gentle way to remove ear wax. The Keynsham hearing centre is a specialist ear wax removal centre that covers both Bath and Bristol.


Do not use your fingers or any objects like cotton buds to remove earwax. This will push it in and make it worse.

There’s no evidence that ear candles or ear vacuums get rid of earwax.

Please call us or any audiology professional to clean your ears or to remove any ear wax.

Causes of earwax

You might have earwax build-up because:

  • you just have more wax in your ears – some people do naturally
  • you have hairy or narrow canals (the tubes that link the eardrum and outer ear)
  • of your age – wax gets harder and more difficult to fall out
  • of hearing aids, earplugs and other things you put in your ear – these can push the wax further in

How to tell if your ear is blocked with earwax

You can have:

  • earache
  • difficulty hearing
  • itchiness
  • dizziness
  • an ear infection
  • sounds such as high-pitched tones coming from inside the ear (tinnitus)

Once the earwax is removed, these symptoms usually improve. If they do not, see the nurse at your GP practice.