The Microsuction Ear wax removal technique at Keynsham Hearing Centre, Bristol/Bath video demonstrates how the most popular method of wax removal is performed at Keynsham Hearing Centre. The Microsuction Ear wax removal takes out all the lumps that are causing the problem but you are left with a certain amount of residual wax which forms the natural lining of the ear.

Demonstrating the device sensation

Before performing microsuction I will educate you about the device. The noise level and sensation will be demonstrated. You will need to turn your head and tuck any hair behind your ear so as to enable the work to be carried out on the appropriate ear. If for any reason you want me to stop please just say stop

The Specula, used just to help open your ear

A Specula is used just to help open your ear so we can then put the probe in. I need to steady against the side of your face with my finger. That then just allows us to latch on to the large lumps of wax or skin debris that’s in the ear canal and then we can draw that out accordingly.

The Specula and probe in use with a steady hand

The most popular techniques over the years have been the Jobson Horne which is a way of hooking the wax out. Irrigation in a lot of doctors surgeries up and down the country has been the most popular way of removing the wax debris build up in the ears. The most popular is MicroSuction so we are using obviously a device that extracts the wax and you can see the probe which goes into the ear canal itself and its all done very very gently.

The Specula and probe being used

What we are ending up with is a natural lining of the ear, so we take out the lumps that are causing the problem but you are left with a certain amount of residual wax doing what its supposed to do. Irrigation unfortunately can wash out all the good wax where the micro suction procedure is a much healthier process.

  • Hearing aid Filter replacement at the Keynsham Hearing Centre
  • At the Keynsham Hearing Centre we know all about how hearing aids can lose their clarity over time. Well all is not lost as it’s more than likely an easy fix to bring your expensive hearing aid back to it’s normal clear self.

    If you live in Bath, Radstock, Bristol or any where close to Keynsham we can change your filter on any number of hearing aid brands, including GN Resound LiNX, LiNX2, Unitron hearing aids, Starkey and Widex to name but a few.

    If however you cannot make it here to our premises at Temple street Keynsham, we have produced a few clear and concise ‘How To’ videos to show you in the clearest detail how to change your hearing aid filter.

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