Noise Protection

CENS ProFlex Digital

With CENS ProFlex digital, you can have the benefits of an ultralightweight unobtrusive earplug, combined with excellent noise suppression while still hearing absolutely everything going on around you.

  • Effectively suppresses gunshot noise.
  • Allows normal conversation and use of mobile phones without removal.
  • Hear releasing traps and approaching game before anyone else.
  • No gun mount interference.

CENS ProFlex Hunterhunter

CENS ProFlex Hunter are designed with the rifle marksman in mind. The brand new state-of-the art circuitry inside every CENS ProFlex Hunter is capable of suppressing the louder gunshot noise generated by rifle and large calibre ammunition.

Every pair are supplied with CENS wind shields that fit over the ear, cutting down wind noise even further when using a high chair or when shooting in severe conditions.

Sonic Valvesonic valve

Provides comfortable protection for loud environments.

The unique valve in-ear earplug allows normal sound in, such as speech and ambient noise, but when a loud noise such as a gun is fired it reacts to shut the harmful noise out.

Musicians Earpieces

Loose the noise, not your hearing. If you are exposed to 85db+ Sound levels for various time periods, you could benefit from using noise protection.

What you do hear is just as important as what you don’t. From hearing protection that allows professionals working in noisy environments to do their jobs safely, to custom made in-ear monitors for performing musicians that give isolation and quality of sound reproduction they need to perform at their best. Our earplugs provide specifically designed attenuation for a variety of applications that cut out what you don’t want to hear.

Swim Plugs

Swimmer’s of all ages and abilities can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Custom-made swimmers earplugs are waterproof when surface swimming and offer protection for those prone to ear infections and other ear problems.