At the Keynsham hearing centre we are experts at conducting hearing tests. With the results of the hearing test, we can advise on what type of hearing aid or instrument you will require. (Please watch our other video on what types of hearing aids there are here).

Once we determine what type of hearing aid you require we then go through various options to make sure you are happy with he right choice. We offer comprehensive back up and repair service along with regular hearing tests. Hearing is a very important sense that you need to enjoy an active fulfilled life.

Make sure the battery is not upside down

Check that the battery drawer can easily close

If the battery is to large check the battery type

Correct battery & drawer will easily close

Video transcript

Hello my name is Stephen Neal based at Keynsham between Bristol & Bath, often surprised at how far people will travel to see us places such as Clevedon, Portishead, Devizes, Chippenham.

It’s quite surprising how far they travel. What we are also getting is people coming in asking we have already shown people how to do everything when they have obtained their hearing aids but a little reminder can be useful. We show people domes, filters, retention strands etc

This time we are showing a battery change we now have the battery, there is a positive and a negative Oops this is why I put a towel on the table So when it rolls it stays on the table.

It generally seems to be better to place it in flat into the tray or battery drawer, and gently close… If it’s closing nice and easily you have it the correct way up. If by accident you place it in upside down if you try and close it gently you will find there is a little bit of resistance and that is enough of a warning that something is wrong. Turn it over again.. and it will close very easily.

So that’s a general example of a 312 battery on an on the ear hearing aid this one just happens to be a Starkey Muse product.

  • Hearing screening tests at the Keynsham Hearing Centre
  • At the Keynsham Hearing Centre we know all about hearing difficulties. After making a booking at Keynsham Hearing Centre, within half an hour of attending your appointment you can find out if you actually have a hearing loss.

    If you live in Bath, Radstock, Bristol or any where close to Keynsham we can arrange a hearing screening test for you.

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