The Gn ReSound Linx2 filter change at Keynsham Hearing Bristol video demonstrates how easy it is to change the filter on this hearing aid. The Gn ReSound Linx2 is a receiver in the canal device. This is very discrete instrument suitable for a mild to moderate hearing loss. A speaker (Receiver) on the end of a wire directs sound into the ear without blocking the canal, this makes it very comfortable.

GN ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid

We are looking at changing the filter on a GN ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid. So on this particular product what you are trying to do, and I would strongly suggest you have a towel on the table so that the hearing aid doesn始t fall on the floor or slide of the table.

The filter inside the tip of the receiver

You are gripping it nice and firmly with two fingers on the speaker, if you can fold the dome over slightly, just so you can get a better grip, you then tease it off, what you are then looking at is the white filter inside the tip of the receiver.

Replacing the filter

You open up the replacement filters, the black stick, the jagged end goes in, tease it out, turn it over, new filter goes in, remove the stick .

Replacing the Gn ReSound Linx2 dome

If you have turned the dome like this you will find it easier to line up, wriggle it on only up to the shoulder and fold the dome back, and thats literally how easy the job is.

  • Hearing aid Filter replacement at the Keynsham Hearing Centre
  • Here at the Keynsham Hearing Centre we can change most hearing aid filters no matter what the brand is, from GN Resound LiNX or LiNX2 through to the Widex Dream range of hearing aids. It’s easy to lose sound clarity if the Filter or dome is full of skin debris or wax. Changing the filter is no longer a mystery as we show you how.

    If you cannot make it to our centre here in Keynsham we have made you a few videos showing you in HD detail on how you can change the filter yourself. Take a look at how you can change the filter on a Widex 440, GN LiNX2 and Unitron range of hearing aids, Stephen Neal shows you in an easy ‘How To’ format of video.

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