Price List

Earmould Tubing (two tubes) £2.50
Earol Olive Oil Spray £6.00
Cerustop Match Stick Filters £5.50
Hear Clear Wax Guard £5.50
Smart Guard Filters £6.50
Oticon No Wax Filters £5.00
PureGuard Red/Blue Filters (Each) £9.50
Dry Aid Kit (takes moisture out of aid) £10.00
Puffers (clears moisture from tube/mould) £5.00

Save even more when you pick up your batteries in bulk

Pay £27.00, collect your batteries from the centre, and receive 11 packets of batteries.

EACH PACKET COSTS ONLY £2.45 for 6 cells per packet.

Batteries normally cost £3.00 per packet.