Hearing Aids

We supply Hearing Aids from the following manufacturers

Types of aids

BTE - Behind the Ear

Mainly used for severe to profound hearing loss, these instuments attach to a mould in the shape of the clients ear. A tube through the mould directs the sound into the ear canal.

RIC - Receiver in the Canal

A very discrete instrument suitable for a mild to moderate hearing loss. A speaker (Receiver) on the end of a wire directs sound into the ear without blocking the canal, this makes it very comfortable.

Power RIC

Benefits from the same levels of visual appeal as the RIC but connected to a mould in the shape of the clients ear for a higher power fitting. These can fit a severe hearing loss.

CIC - Completely in the Canal

Arguably the most discrete hearing aids available, very similar to ITCs with reduced features. Usually only chosen for cosmetic reasons rather than performance.

ITC - In the Canal

These are virtually the same as ITEs just smaller to be more discrete. Some of the features of an ITE can be lost depending on the size of the clients ear. A popular choice.

CIC - Completely in the Canal

A hearing aid that fits completely inside the clients ear. These are suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss and are moulded to fit the clients ear exactly. Similar features to BTEs